Here at Twisted Oak Boutique, we love Autumn! It comes with pumpkin spice lattes, cooler temperatures, and the onset of the holiday season, so what’s not to love? Well, if you have a pretty tight clothing budget, the change in seasons might not be all that welcome. You were fine with your breezy dresses and platform sandals, so what happens when the weather starts to cool off and you’re expected to start wearing shoes again?

Don’t fret if the changing window displays at your favorite stores remind you that you’re not ready for fall. Chances are that you have the foundation for a great autumn wardrobe already in your closet. By adding a few key pieces and wearing your summer staples in different ways, you can mitigate a frugal clothing budget.

Collect “Third Pieces”

This step is one of our favorites here at Twisted Oak Boutique. This transition weather rule is all about having a nice variety of lightweight third pieces. A third piece is defined as anything that pulls together your look and tops it off. That can be a scarf, blazer, cardigan, vest, denim jacket or even a statement-making necklace.

Start your outfit daily with a standalone foundational piece, such as a short-sleeve graphic tee. Then, determine what kind of third piece your top needs based on where you are going that day. An example would be if you are wearing a basic solid color casual tee, then you would opt for something to add some texture or print that also happens to be casual. You could try out a denim jacket, popcorn cardigan, or a fun beaded pendant necklace.

By having a layering piece that can be worn with or without the lightweight third piece allows you to go about your day feeling comfortable as the temperatures fluctuate — not to mention stylish and pulled together!

Invest in a Statement-Making Jacket

We love splurging on a good quality jacket that you can wear season after season. They can make such a large impact on the overall tone and look of an outfit that they can eclipse summer fabrics and prints, making them more fall-appropriate. Consider any one of the following:

  • A military-style cargo jacket with a waist that cinches, perfect for skinny jeans and flat booties.
  • A leather jacket with moto styling, which you can wear with summer dresses and boots.
  • A well-cut blazer (I love ones with military styling). Toss it over your light summer tops for a night on the town.
  • A classic trench coat in a darker neutral, such as gray, navy, or camel. This is a wardrobe workhorse that goes with everything while fending off inclement fall weather.

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